Art Submission Event

Art Submissions

• The artwork must be the contestant’s original hand-drawn creation.
• The entry design may not be a copy or duplicate of any previously published art, including photographs. No copying or tracing will be accepted. Any mechanically or electronically generated artwork will be disqualified.
• The art should be made on A4 or A3 size paper or canvas.
• The medium can be pencil, color pencil, crayons, sketch pens, watercolor, oil, poster paints
• The artwork should be scanned in hi-resolution and uploaded on the PENN website with the completed registration form.  
• If shortlisted, PENN Trust will request for the original artwork to be sent through courier to the Trust office in Chennai.
• Students may submit up to three entries in the contest.
• The school with the most number of entries will be awarded a special prize.
• The Trust retains ownership of all artwork entered in the contest and may use the artwork on promotional materials such as cover designs, public information materials and exhibits. It will also be featured on their website.
• Any entries that are submitted after the last date will not be accepted.
• The winners will be announced and listed on this site on the last day of the month following the contest.

Artwork digital Image Preparation
• JPG files only.
• 300 DPI resolution (keep the file size under 10 MB to ensure proper loading).
• Do not send images of your artwork which has been framed or contains watermarks.
• Label your image files in the following manner: first and last name and size.

Art Judging criteria:
The artwork will be judged for visual impact, artistic merit and original concept.

Online Entry System

In order for your entry to be valid, you must submit it using the online entry system on this website, including:
1. Complete all compulsory fields in the entry form.
2. Uploading your short film or artwork as per the prescribed formats.

If you have any questions, or are having trouble submitting your entry online, please email us at We will be glad to help resolve the issue.

Registration Form